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Activities in the beaches

The extensive kilometers of beaches that exist in Gran Canaria are the ideal scenery for relaxing: read a good book, take long walks by the seashore or relax taking the sun in any hammock, are some of the many possibilities that a day in the beach offers.

But for the most actives, in Gran Canaria there are beaches where is possible to practice nautical sports of different kind. So the scuba diving gets its maximum expression in the north and east coast of the island; the sports over the ocean as water-skiing, windsurfing or surf are also another of the possibilities that the majority of the beaches of Gran Canarias offers to those visitants who like to enjoy the extreme sports.

The spare time activities as sailing on a ship or in a submarine are also others of the main attractions for the visitants in the south of the island. To them, joins the possibility of enjoying a comet or sculpture of sand contest or volley ball and foot ball in the beach that happens in the majority of the beaches of the Island during the summer.

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