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Deep- Sea Fishing

The richness of the waters of Gran Canaria is evident in the great seafaring tradition of its people and the enormous love of fishing, in both the shallows and the deep sea. Within the various categories of fishing, the superb conditions for deep sea fishing in Gran Canaria´s waters have become known internationally as a result of the establishment of various records in our waters. These records have been ratified by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA).

The large variety of species that are caught in the island’s waters is evident from the fact that these fishing records have covered many divergent fish species, such as the blue marlin, billfish, yellow fin tuna, big eye tuna, Atlantic bonito, barracuda and albacore, among others.

The possibilities for deep sea fishing in Gran Canaria have given rise to a flourishing sub-industry in tourism during recent years, with the result that the visitor will find all the facilities that he/she may require for the enjoyment of this wonderful sport. In the island’s marinas (mainly the ones that are situated in the southern part of the island), the visitor will find a large variety of boats on offer. These boats are manned by expert crews and are specially equipped for deep sea fishing.

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