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Surf and Bodyboard

There are at least 23 spots or areas along the coastline of the island that are suitable for practicing surfing and body boarding being better known as "boogie" on the island that permits to enjoy them without any overcrowding and also in several virgin sceneries.

The main wave zones are determinate by the quality of the breakers or the swells of the Atlantic Ocean and are the following:

The Northern Region: This is the main surfing area and encompasses the entire coastal area from El Confital (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), with its "Las Monjas" wave, to Gáldar and its "Bocabarranco" wave. This part of the coast is very rocky and has the greatest frequency of waves as well as the strongest breaks. During optimal conditions, the waves can reach a height of up to 5 meters.

The Eastern Region: This area has ideal surfing conditions when the sea current comes from the East and when there is no wind. When these conditions reign, the best surfing spots are found in the vicinity of Pozo Izquierdo, including both "Mosca Point" and the area to the right of "El Muellito".

The Southern and Western Region: The most notable area is the Point that separates Playa del Inglés from the beach of Maspalomas, as well as the area around the lighthouse of Maspalomas. You can also find good surf at Arguineguín.

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