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Observing Nature


For centuries, the flora of the Canary Islands has captured the interest of specialists from all over the world. Canarian flora is unique in the world as these plant species became already extinct in the other areas of origin during the ice age. While approximately five hundred of the plant species on Gran Canaria are also found on the other islands, there are more than a hundred species that grow only on Gran Canaria. Consequently, this island has become a point of reference for the study of the planet’s flora, which explains why people affirm that Gran Canaria is to botany what the Galapagos Islands are to zoology.

Is obligatory the visit to the "Viera y Clavijo" Botanical Garden, as well as the various pine forests, the extensive palm tree groves and the laurisilva (humid laurel trees) forest in Los Tiles de Moya, which is one of the last remnants of laurisilva in the world.


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