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The landscape and climate assets that have earned the nickname of “continent in miniature”, make Gran Canaria a real paradise for nature lovers, especially for trekkers. This is undoubtedly the ideal way of discovering the natural and historic treasures hidden within the island’s 32 protected natural areas, trekking the extensive network of trails.

The island terrain is criss-crossed by an intricate network of foot paths ranging from easy forest paths and bridle paths to tracks and trails that are strictly for expert hikers.

The size of the island and its rugged relief, have created short, but very steep routes. Depending on their layout, these trails can go from “coast to highlands” with very gentle slopes and almost in a straight line when they run along a gorge, or concentric or transversal, which tend to be more circuitous and steeper, as they cross these features of the land.

Work is presently being done to sign-post the main trails of the island, and there are plans for more. This will replace the traditional signs, which consist of stone milestones or landmarks. There are several books and Guides that offer detailed descriptions and maps of the island’s network of trails.

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