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Excellent underground waters

The excellent properties of the underground waters of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are known since the end of the XIX century; coincide with the important presence of a Britannic colony. Since that time the people talked about Gran Canaria and its hot water streams with great curative properties. Actually, these fountains are still conserved in the centre of the city, whose natural flowing has a great mineral richness that results very beneficial for the health treatments. It also has the advantage of counting with Health Resort in the city permitting to the urban visitants to combine the labor, cultural and of leisure activities with the body cult. This natural waters flows at a temperature of 26º.

Gran Canaria still conserves nearly virgin zones in the coast which sediments have great richness in its contents and some, until now, almost unknown neurological properties. Although they are points of the seaboard with an enormous environmental protection, the experts know of the great natural benefits thanks to its contents based in volcanic sediments.

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