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Health Resorts: The beginning of tourism in Gran Canaria

Health tourism is one of the oldest forms of tourism known in the world. The first tourists who came to Gran Canaria - around the second half of the 19th century - belonged to the so-called health tourism. These were people who suffered from their lungs, stomachs and nerves, having been attracted to the islands by the stories of miracle cures that were circulating throughout Europe, and even by the advice of the doctors themselves, who recommended the climate and mineral waters of Gran Canaria.

The years that have passed have made of the richness and the international prestige of Gran Canaria a health resort and a place to rest, having developed a wide range of services and facilities for consultations and the treatment of different disorders or just to pamper your body and relax as an alternative to conventional tourism.

Gran Canaria possesses the advantage of being an island that during all the year has a lot of hours of light and sun. The doctors assure that the recovery of patients is always fastener if the surrounding is pleasant. For that very reason, this is one of the great natural richness that the island enjoys.

To all this we can add the nearness to the sea and the inland from any point where the visitant is lodged. In a very few hours a person can be swimming at one of the many beaches of Gran Canaria or walking in some the inland forests. All of this offers a great variety in landscapes and creates a better mood for anyone. The darkness carries an individual to a discouragement mood. Instead Gran Canaria offers, light, happiness, and sun combined with the specialized medical treatments.

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