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Warrant the preservation: ecology and environment

In the last years a high level of citizen’s sensitivity in Gran Canaria has appeared with the environment and to the prodigious nature they posses. Is specially model in the Island the culture of saving a good that scarce in our surrounding as is water. An attitude was born of the problems of leaving short suffered by the population in previous decades by the scarcity of water. Besides, the gran canarian people brought to the problem solutions that today are exported to the whole world.

A full experience accumulated exists in the Island in respect of making the salt water drinkable, in which they have apply alternative formulas to generate the necessary energy in the process of desalination, as the small desalinate plants feed with wind electric energy. Gran Canaria constitutes one of the geographic areas with more types of technology and actions related with the desalination of waters of the earth.

Gran Canaria has a high natural potential to generate energy coming from renewable sources, as the wind and solar power and from there a full knowledge and experience in implementation and maintenance of equipment for developing renewable sources of energy.

The culture of recycling and the posterior reutilization of the urban wastes have found in Gran Canaria a great response, not only by the population but also by the Public Administration across politics that refer to ecologic administration such as the “puntos limpios”: Centres of garbage collection selected previously by the citizens for its profit or removal.

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