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The Cantera´s Beach

There are few small European cities that have a beach in the city and more few those cities that can enjoy it, all year around. The Beach of Las Canteras of the city of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria is not only unique for these two, but also for the submarine wealth that posses and the singularity of the reef that forms a natural wall that protects it from the waves. The villagers name the barrier “La Barra” - to which can be access swimming with no problem in low tie - the tourist can enjoy the views; the city on ones side and the beach in the other and the fabulous landscapes that surround it.

In fact, this coastal zone of Gran Canaria have an ecosystem, recreating the environmental in which live more than 200 different species; from algae or sebadales, and an abundant wealth of fish’s. Likewise, its littoral is a main stop for diverse migratory movements of different birds, cetacean and other marine mammals.

The capital of the Island takes advantage of this marine lung, which occupies an extension of more than three kilometres (approximately 3.800 meters), and through the nights invites to enjoy the outsides and great avenue. In fact, it receives at all hours a going and coming of bathers, surfers, walkers, sportsmen, or simple lovers of the sight. From La Puntilla to The Cícer, from avenue or to from the shore of the beach, Ls Canteras is an inexhaustible source of activity, it is the main center of scattering of the city, principal sign of identity.

This great urban beach has been a social, tourist and commercial evolution of the city Las Palmas of Gran Canaria. There came to it the tourism of middle of last century, and in it have been located historically some of the principal cultural and social headquarters of the city. The beach has consolidated in the last years, receiving today a variety of playful activities, cultures and sports.

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