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Vela latina

Canarian lateen sailing regattas are equally popular in Gran Canaria. The exact origin of this sport is unknown, although some researchers affirm that the native inhabitants constructed wooden sailing vessels.This particular type of sailing involves small boats, which are characterised by their triangular sails and the disproportionate size of the sails compared to the boats (hulls). Indeed, the boat is 6.55 metres in length, 2.37 in breadth and 1.35 in depth. These small dimensions contrast with the great size of the sails that vary from 12 to 13.5 metres. These dimensions mean that the boat cannot be kept afloat without the skilled actions of the crew members, who have to move the ballast around in order to manoeuvre the boat.

Canarian lateen sailing is practiced on the coast of the capital of Gran Canaria between the months of April and October when the trade winds can be used to great advantage.

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