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A rocky named Gran Canaria

The volcanic relief of Gran Canaria was constructed by three major periods of volcanic eruptions over a period of 16 million years. The oldest rock, spewed forth as lava flows, are ideal for climbing, even though they vary in composition and lithology, because they are solid and they are not slippery. Erosion put the final touches to moulding the elements that are now characteristic of the island landscape: gullies, cliffs, crests, cauldrons, rock needles This landscape offers a complete repertoire of cracks, chimneys, plates, wedges, overhangs, ceilings, etc, that turn the whole island into one immense climbing wall with an infinity of possibilities to be discovered.

There are presently climbing sites all over the island, although the most popular areas and climbing schools are found at the sites with good access and the best rock.

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