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Rural Accommodation

Since the early 90s, and thanks to European projects such as Leader and Regis, the Gran Canaria Island Council has been developing the necessary infrastructure for rural tourism to commence, by restoring old buildings for accommodation, as well as ancient country paths.

Canarian legislation stipulates that any site to be used for rural accommodation must have been built before 1950 and that it can only be extended to a maximum of 25% of its total area. This provision enables the island to offer accommodation with great added value.

For those who want to enjoy an excellent climate in a natural setting away from the traditional tourist areas, this type of accommodation has a definite appeal. The décor is normally of a rustic style. The furniture and effects add a special touch to each building, converting them into living museums with unique objects, all set in a cosy atmosphere.

Rural accommodation for use by tourists is currently 150 country houses, homes and hotels, totalling 800 beds. High standards are their common point and some of them are of great architectonic value.

If you would like to book accommodation in any of these houses, please contact the rural accommodation centres on the island.

Gran Canaria offers the visitor a wide range of possibilities to enjoy nature –beautiful places, wonderful sunrises and sunsets. In addition, mountain refuges, natural resource centres, recreational and camping areas, hostels and camp sites are available, which all offer an experience of pristine nature that is not less thrilling for having a little less of the modern comforts.

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