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Climbing areas

The principal zones of the Island are:

- In the top of the Roque Nublo stands out the emblematic zones, needle of 12 conglomerate, beautiful and excellent routes and different levels of difficulty, which constitutes the natural symbol of Gran Canaria and origin of climbing. Other scalable peaks are the Palmés in the Toscón de Tejeda, Betancuria in Ayacata or Narices, at the foot of the north face of the Roque Bentayga, the latter of restricted calimbing by its archaeological value. Near the Nublo is the rocky Ayacata, sanctuary of the traditional climbing that concentrate the major number of classic routes of varied length and difficulty distributed by the zones known by the Bookshop, the Fronton of the GEC, the Candelilla, and the Montañón. Slightly more remote, The Pino and The Aserrador, they offer the highest routes in wall of the Island conglomerate.

-In the northwest, more than 1000 m sea level, is Tamadaba, former mountainous clump covered of pinegrove that is cut in vertical walls. In its top is located the zones of Lomo Caraballo, Supernova, Perfumeria, or The Gulich with its famous route Emiliano Zapata, which they made this the best zone for climbing sports in Gran Canaria.

- Other places are Coast Ayala, former school of climbing, Bathing-places, marine cliffs placed to 3 Km and 14 Km respectively, of the capital of the island following the highway of the north GC2 and The Meleguinas, close to the bridge of the same name in Santa Brigida.

-In the walls carved by the torrents and in the cliffs of the south of the Island, is the new zone of climbing sports and boulder. The Sorrueda, in Tirajana's ravine, close to Saint Lucia, the first zone of climbing sports in south Gran Canaria, and together with Fatagonia, in Fataga’s ravine, are the most visit places. Of more recent discovery are the southern ravines of Berriel or Ayagaures with the same quality of rock and the fabulous weather allows climbing during the whole year.

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