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Geographical Information. From a height of 1.000 meters on sea level, Valleseco's is locating in the interior and north zone of the island of Gran Canaria. This small municipality, which surface scarcely overcomes 22 square kilometres, is to scanty 7 kms of Teror's neighboring villa. Is born in the middle of a landscape of steep orography, formed by two deep principal ravines, Madrelagua's Ravine and Ravine of the Virgin, and a drier central valley from which the paradoxical name of the municipality came. In spite of its name, Valleseco is a humid villa that formed a part of the great forest of laurisilva that was occupying this municipality with those of Teror, Firgas, Moya and part of others. The municipality is characterized by its overflowing vegetation. In fact, 80 % of its territory has the consideration of Natural Protected Space. Its importance like natural place takes root in the great quantity of green gras, especially in the zones of the crags and the most inaccessible areas.

History. The history of the municipality began at the end of the 16th century, when they start distributing the lands in favour of foreign owners who were not residing in the municipality, But that possess big extensions of sugar cane in the coastal zones. This cultivation of needed a great quantity of water, as well as wood for its posterior refined in the sugar factories. Thus, these owners appropriated of the lands, rich in forests, as well as in waters. They created, this way, the whole infrastructure to canalize them that still lasts in our days. But the managers of these lands were not the authentic owners, but the mediators, who established in the zone and who, in exchange for working them, were obtaining the half of the crops. These were the first inhabitants of Valleseco, and those who began to write it recent history, first as payment of Teror's municipality and, later, as independent municipality. Already, in 1842, it begins it gait with its own town hall (therefore, it is the youngest of the municipality’s of grancanaria). This fact owed, principally, to the great extension of the village and to the difficulties that this was containing for the communications, which made the separation advisable as parish and independent municipality. At the end of the 19th century, the village of Valleseco suffered difficult times in which the subsistence was depending on the kindness of the land. The agriculture and a few animals were providing the food of the family. A life fills with penuries, in the survival needed a great dose of effort and ingenuity and that forced many people to go away of its land in search of better horizons, especially, in Cuba and later in Venezuela.

Holidays. Valleseco's villa preserves the rural taste of centuries ago. In fact, one of its more famous holidays is the Holiday of the Apple, in honor to our Lady of the Incarnation, who is celebrated on the first Sunday of October and where the peasants are grateful for the kindness of the land offering the products.

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