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What to see?

- The Ravine of the Virgin. Interesting redoubt of laurisilva which is of great botanical value and located in the Parque Rural de Doramas. Inside this Rural Park you can find la Laguna de Valleseco and the Pico de Osorio. The latter is a superb viewpoint from which you can see one of the best panoramic views of the north of Gran Canaria.

- Calderetas is another old volcanic crater of great natural beauty in which the ochre colors of the chestnut trees mix in with the poplars, walnut trees, bottle brush etc. It is situated on one of the main caminos reales of the municipality.

- The water network which runs from one end to the other of the municipality is considered of great importance from an ethnographical point of view. Fountains, irrigation channels, mills or washing places built in the early 19th century are part of the cultural heritage of Valleseco.

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