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Geographical Information. Teror's places in the mid cities of the north of Gran Canaria, with a surface of 25,70 square kilometres and to an altitude of 543 meters on sea level. Teror is characterized by the irregularity of its land. The great attraction of Teror's villa not only owes to the great devotion to the Virgin of El Pinar, mistress of the Island. Teror is, in addition, one of the municipality’s with major historical and natural value.

History. Teror is one of oldest and principal population of Gran Canaria, though the most important occupation took place during the 16th century, after the conquest of Gran Canaria. The history of Teror's Villa is joined to the appearance of the image of the Virgin of the Pino. In fact, from the 15th century Teror is considered to be A Marian Villa, sedate of the Mistress of the Island. The development of the municipality, besides being the center of peregrination of the Island, is totally tied to the agriculture and cattle, which provoked a great demographic and social growth in the XVIth, XVIIth and XVIIIth century. In the end of the century, the production of new cultives like potatoes and the millo, provoked a situation of prosperity. The economic brilliance of the time had reflected in the architecture, since from this moment there was constructed great part of Teror's emblematic buildings. It is from 1835 when Teror in addition acquires a political and social protagonism, after implanting the municipal model arisen in the Spanish Parliament of Cadiz of 1812. From the 18th century arises in Teror one of the major social conflicts of the municipality, due to, principally, to the water distribution between the neighbors of Teror and Valleseco, who in those days were integrating the same municipality. Coflicts added, in the same time, protests of the neighbors of Moya and Guia around 1810, immediately after the plowings of the lands of Doramas. Therefore, the property of the land and the water played an important role in Teror's history, as some of the principal economic bases of this municipality in the 19th century.

Holidays. The main holiday that is celebrated in Teror is the Holiday in Honor of Nuestra Señora del Pino, mistress of the island of Gran Canaria. It is celebrated on September 8 and its history goes back to the 17th century, when it was moving to the Virgin of the Pino to the capital of the Island, in order to request the appearance of rains. From the 18th century they began to popularize the peregrinations of September 8, which nowadays they continue being one of the principal attractions of this holiday. The public inspectors' concurrence and rosemaries in Teror's Road throughout the whole night are already a custom that drags thousands of visitors and inhabitants of the Island.

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