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What to see?

- Basilica the statue of the Virgen del Pino, Patron of the Diocese of the Canary Islands. Therefore, a visit to Teror means a visit to the Basilica. The Basilica is located in the town square Plaza del Pino, and construction began on the building in 1767, although it later had to be restored on several occasions, notably in 1968 and 1969. The current building, with a two-sided roof, has three naves with fourteen round arches held up by columns and pilasters. There are three entrances on the façade, and two entrances on the sides, with stained glass windows showing the Mysteries of the Rosary. Behind the High Altar is the niche of Nuestra Señora del Pino, whose statue is often visited by the parishioners. Other highlights include the altarpieces on display in the Basilica and the clock, donated by Bishop Codina.

- La Plaza de Teror is the nerve centre of the town. From here it is possible to view the typical balconies of the Canary Islands architecture that adorn a large part of the municipality. This large square, as well as being the place of entry to the Basilica, is a central part of the historic centre of the municipality.

- The Fuente Agria is one of the most emblematic places of Teror, and is also one of the main sources of income for the Town Hall. It consists of three springs with the names of el Principal, del Agua Agria and del Molino de en medio.

- The protected space of Pino Santo is of a great scenic beauty and ecological value.

- The Natural Park of Doramas, is the place where the ravines of Azuaje and Moya are located.

- La Finca de Osorio shelters the Osorio Nature Education Centre (Aula de la Naturaleza).

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