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What to see?

- Sculpture Museum of Abraham Cárdenes. Museum where the art works of this canary’s sculptor of great importance born in Tejeda and lover of this land can be admired.

- Ethnographic Museum permits the visitor to make a journey by the history of the island and municipality.

- El Roque Bentayga is a natural element of great peculiarity that was a sacred place for the aborigines, since there offerings and worship to the gods where made. Las Cuevas del Rey are situated in it and in the interior, caverns of rooms, granaries, engraves, paintings and several perforations in the rock that shows the existence of a prehispanic religious centre can be seen.

- Interpretation centre of Degollada de Becerra. Is another place of interest in Tejeda. Is located between the Road of La Cruz de Tejeda and Llanos de la Pez. Is a balcony that offers a spectacular view of the landscapes, but above all, is a centre dedicated to inform of the local ethnography.

- The Archeological Park of Bentayga is a ecomuseum located next to the Roque of the same name, which purpose is to serve as an interpretation centre to the archeological complex of the roques (Bentayga, Andén de Tabacalete, Cuevas del Rey and el Roquete) and to its surrounding. It offers an extraordinary landscape of the southern and western part of the island.

- One of the recommended visits is to the Cruz of Tejeda that offers one of the most relaxing views of the island. A big cross of rock presides the entrance to the National tourist hotel, that a few meters away are located numerous sale posts of typical products of the region that make the delights of the visitants.

- The symbol of Gran Canaria is also located in Tejeda. It is about the Roque Nublo. An enormous basaltic rock with a height of more than 70 meters emerged as the consequence of the volcanic activity during the Pleistocene. Together and in the Northeast side is located the other rock denominated El Fraile, which name comes from its great looking to a monk praying.

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