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Santa María de Guía

Geographical Information. Guide's Santa Maria is located in the North of Gran Canaria. Its surface, which adopts a triangular form, is 42, 59 square kilometres and is placed to 180 meters of altitude. It’s a municipality placed in a rocky coast, where the erosion has been the cause of its cliffs. The natural Guide's environment is characterized by a great variety of ecosystems, environments and landscapes. This diversity has allowed that great part of natural spaces is catalogued by the The Canary Law of Natural Protected Spaces. This way, we are the Natural Special Reserve of Brezal, Doramas's Rural Park, the Natural Monument of the Montañón Negro or the Landscape Protected from The Summits, all of them shared with the adjacent municipalities.

History. After the conquest of Gran Canaria, in 1483, begins the distribution of the lands, and to D. Sancho de Vargas and Machuca belongs a hill placed between the ravines of the Garzas and of Guia. The Guide's history arises when D. Sancho plans to raise a church in honor to Guia Santa Maria, which finished construction in 1509. It is at the time when the Guia´s villa arises as new population. In 1526 Guia of Gran Canaria is segregated administratively to Gáldar, a decision that did not rely on the consent of the galdenses. During the 18th century, Guia reaches one of the most out-standing economic, social and cultural developments, which generates a strong increase of the population.

Holidays. Guia have three great tourist attraction holidays, but principally three. One of the most popular are the famous Holidays of the Cheese, which are celebrated in the Guia´s urban hull and Montaña.from the last week of April until the first days of May. The aim is to promote the most typical product of the municipality: the Cheese of Guia's Flower. The Holiday of The Marías is considered to be that of major transcendence in the municipality. It is celebrated the third weekend of September and has its origin in 1811, when the forbears promised to realize an offering to the Virgin every year after this one heard their prayers and was putting end to the plague of lobsters that were destroying the fields. During the first days of August also it takes place in Guia the Holidays of the Virgin, in honor to the mistress of the village: Our Lady of Guia.

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