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What to see?

- Juncalillo del Sur. Space with a scientific interest. Besides the presence of some botanic species, this is one of the places with mayor attraction of the island for observing the migratory and marine birds as much as in the salt mine and in the swap zones.

- The Especial Nature Reserve of the Dunas de Maspalomas. Joined to the movable and firm sands space that gives the name to the zone, of singular landscape value, the rests of an ample palms and the coast lagoon, known as La Charca, constitutes the three ecosystems of this space. In spite of the transformations suffered, still shelters species with a great botanic interest, just as an interesting fauna, such as invertebrates and vertebrates.

- The protected landscape of Fataga includes a ravine that the erosion has opened to give a way out to the waters that run down to Maspalomas.

- The Natural Monument of Los Riscos de Tirajana is formed by the walls of an enormous caldera that, in its totality, reaches an extension of 35 km2 provoked by the erosion.

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