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Geographical Information. Moya's Villa is placed in the North of Gran Canaria and its territory spreads in a surface of 31.87 square kilometres, being its urban hull to approximately 490 meters of altitude on sea level. In its southern end it approaches the summits of the island, in the zone of the Moriscos, 1.771 meters of height. Moya arise between ravines and a series of loins descend towards the coast. The climatic conditions of this zone have determined that Moya's Villa offers an extensive surface of monteverde as Doramas's Jungle, where nowadays came The Tiles.

History. After the conquest of Gran Canaria at the end of the XVth, in the Island began an important development of the economic activities related to the agriculture and especially of the cultives and sugar cane exportation. The consequences of this economic impulse were between others, the creation of urban nuclei of new plant as Moya's Villa. The settlement of the Villa, principally for farmers, was around the hermitage in honor of Our Lady of Candelaria. In the middle of the XVIIth century an increase of population takes place in the zones of mediocrity due to the new one to re-arise from the cultive of sugar cane. It is in this time when the principal nuclei of the Villa arise as Fontanales, Ravine of the Pinegrove, Trujillo, The Dragos or The Laurel. The quality of the lands, which makes a good agricultural production possible, generates an increase of the trade in the municipality, so much on Gran Canaria market as in the tinerfeño, being the North one well zone of contact with this Island. Already, in the XVIIIth century, Moya has a population settle in most in the zone where the agricultural and cattle development performed supreme importance. During the XIXth century, the inhabitants' occupation spreads also to Doramas's forest, which meant its disappearance as natural environment.

Holidays. Moya possesses an important festive calendar in which the Pilgrimage emphasizes in Honor to San Antonio, which is celebrated on Saturday nearest to June 13. Other one of the popular celebrations of the municipality is the Holiday of the Virgin of Candelaria, mistress of Moya's Villa, who takes place on February 2.

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