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What to see?

- Puerto de Mogán. Is an area with a marine tradition which because of its unique setting and natural beauty, has evolved into one of the most beautiful urban settlements of the Canary Islands. The marina, where many international sailing enthusiasts converge, has 225 moorings and is an excellent sailing spot, making the port of Mogán an unforgettable place.

- El Barranco de Veneguera starts at the foot of the spectacular rock formation of Los Azulejos, a large wall of rocks which vary in color from dark red to blue, with several shades of yellow.

- The Natural Park of Ojeda, Inagua y Pajonales is home to a major pine forest. This is an ideal area for walking, with walkways for this purpose. From Arguineguín, on a steep, winding road, it is possible to reach the dam Presa de Soria, the largest in the island, with a large green lake surrounded by palm trees.

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