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Geographical Information. Ingenio is placed to the South-east of the island of Gran Canaria and its territory, of 38 square kilometres, Its located in a slope of 1.200 meters of altitude on sea level in its higher point, in the Boiler of The Marteles, up coming to 310 meters of height in the zone of the hull of Ingenio. The soft ramp in wich the municipality is arranged is more moreover prominent in the zone of Guayadeque. The coast of the municipality spreads along three kilometres, in which the absence of cliffs and of linear accidents is the predominant note.

History. During the settling of Gran Canaria and the allotment of lands between the estates involved in the conquest, Agüimes's form a part of the patrimony of the Church. This territory was characterized by the regulation of extensive lands of culture both margins of Guayadeque's Ravine, watered by the springs of this ravine. To Guayadeque's left margin was placing the payment of Ingenio, which dedicated to the cultives of sugar cane, stimulated by the Portuguese colonists who settled themselves in the Island. Was Alonso de Matos, a Portuguese merchant, who constructed the first sugar "factory" in Aguatona's Valley. Around this industrial complex was settling a majority of families. In the middle of the XVIth century, this demographic growth caused the construction of a hermitage, precedent of the current Church of The Candlemas. The agricultural development of the zone increases the population of the villa in the XVIth and XVIIth century. But at the end of the past century, and due to the fact that the natural resources of Ingenio cannot sustain so many people, begins a great migration of the most important population. In the XIXth century, Ingenio becomes free with regard to Agüimes's Villa and turns into municipal entity, after the authorization, of the ecclesiastic authority, which the small hermitage of The Candlemas constitutes an independent parish in 1815.

Holidays. The holiday in the first week of February in the old town is to honor the mistress of Ingenio. Its for Our Lady of the Candelaria . All the villagers congregate to realize a pilgrimage - offering to the Virgin, who accompanies the folklore performances and fairs of cattle. Having concluded the pilgrimage is celebrated the popular Dance of Gangs, in which they inform different folkloric groups.

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