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What to see?

- The historic quarter of the Town of Ingenio. There, you will find the Church of La Candelaria dating from 1901, was built on the remains of the previous chapel of the same name. The altarpiece of the main altar is Gothic and the church bells, forged and donated to the church by the Gran Canaria migrants in Cuba in 1820.

- Guayadeque Ravine. Numerous natural and artificial caves, some of which were used as burial sites and others as dwellings in pre-Hispanic times can be seen. The borough has an extensive network of trails and routes to visit all these caves. The Guayadeque Museum has an exhibition showing what the Guayadeque Ravine looked like in pre-Hispanic times; the Museum of Stones and Canary Island Crafts (Museo de Piedras y Artesanía Canaria), which houses a large collection of minerals and samples of the works of local craftsmen.

- Water Mills Route, which runs through the historic quarter, offering visitors an insight into how these mills worked centuries ago.

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