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What to see?

- Archaeological Park of la Cueva Pintada. Located in the centre of the city. This is one of the major cave painting finds in the Atlantic region (opening shortly).

- On the coast there is the town and necropolis of La Guancha, at present limited to an area of 24,000 m2, where we can see what the mausoleums of the early inhabitants of the island were like, the dwelling place of guaires and harimaguadas, as well as the burial mounds, including, among other Pre-Hispanic constructions, the largest burial mound preserved in the present day.

- The church Iglesia de Santiago de Gáldar. Is one of the most beautiful churches in the Canary Islands, serves as a link between the Baroque style and the first examples of neo-classicism of the Archipelago.

- Pinos de Gáldar (the Gáldar Pines). Is an excursion not to be missed, for the grandiose views and the outstanding geological and botanical interest of the surroundings.

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