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Geographical Information. Firgas's Villa is 28 kilometres of the capital of the Island; its surface is 15, 77 square kilometres and is located to an altitude of 465 meters on sea level. It is a typical municipality of the North of Gran Canaria and its extension is smaller than the other. Its geography emphasizes Firgas's Mountain, with 650 meters of altitude, in Firgas's Boiler and in Osorio's Peak. A great part of the municipality places in Doramas's Rural Park, catalogued as natural Protected Space and appreciate the Azuaje's Natural Special Reserve, the visitors of Firgas can enjoy in this municipality extraordinary natural and rural beauty.

History. On August 18, 1480 Pedro de Vera landed for the first time in the port of The Isleta, accompanied by numerous archers, among them Tomás Rodríguez de Palenzuela of wealthy origin from Burgos and experienced on battles against the Arabic. In the distribution of lands and waters granted by the Catholic Kings, it corresponded to Tomás Rodríguez de Palenzuela areas for Arucas's and was established in a place called Afurgad, according to the denomination of the local inhabitants. The name can have a double meaning, high place or crossing way. The truth is that the works began the deforestation, to construct the housings, to initiate the cultives of sugar cane and to construct sugar ingenuity and a chapel. This way begins the life of this collectivists, in which there intermingled those who came from the Peninsula with the aborigines and there began a great activity. In the XVIth century already Firgas de Afurgad's name appears, this change can’t be explained. In 1616 already exists a prosperous Dominican convent located in San Roque's current Plaza, Who promoted the devotion of the Saint, who shows the leadership of the villa. In 1835 the convent was closed because the Mendizabal amortization, being its former walls headquarters of the House and Parochial current Church. The same year (1835) Arecucas village was segregate, the village of Firgas, acquiring the range of independent Municipality.

Holidays. Firgas's principal holiday is in honor of its employer: San Roque's Holidays. The principal days are August 15, which celebrates the pilgrimage and the 16 that is the day of the Holy Boss San Roque. During this celebration the neighbors of Firgas organize different cultural and popular acts, among which it is necessary to emphasize a great fair of cattle. Besides, it is a tradition in the municipality, and coinciding with these holidays, the called one “Brought of the Stick”, where the neighbours load a stick from Firgas's mountain up to the hull of the village, crossing diverse streets and accompanied of the musical band.

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