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What to see?

- It is worth taking a stroll through the historic centre of Firgas in order to see the cultural and religious sites of the municipality. Recommended visits include the Parish Church of San Roque (closed temporarily by works of conditioning), built in 1502 on the ruins of what was the first chapel of San Juan Ortega, next to a Dominican convent which is no longer in existence.

- The Molino del Conde, a sixteenth century gofio mill, is located on the side of the road leading from Firgas to Valleseco. The building also includes an old grain roasting oven a storehouse and the miller’s house. The mill has opened its doors once again after being closed for over 40 years, and the miller grinds gofio and offers it to visitors to try. There is also a craft shop in the mill.

- Natural Park of Doramas. Offers ravines of great beauty with lush vegetation and an abundance of small streams that distributes water over the region.

- El Barranco de Azuaje is another natural attraction, where you can still see the remains of a spa resort which used the waters from a medicinal spring in the area. This ravine is the enclave of the Azuaje Special Natural Reserve, consisting of 61.1 hectares, where the habitats of the laurisilva and fayal-brezal are protected. There are also several pathways along which you can enjoy the natural surroundings.


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