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What to see?

- Complejo Arqueológico de Acusa, (Archaeological Complex). One of the most important archaeological sites of the area, which is made up of dwelling and funerary caves.

- The Caballero Caves. A sheltering area for native shepherds and an important archaeological area where the caves offer us a unique symbology of the native Canary Islanders.

- The Candiles Caves. Is another traditional place to visit. It is an enclave in la Montaña de Artenara and its importance lies in the wall decorations, where cave drawings can be seen.

- The Chapel of The Cuevita Virgin. Is dug into a cliff face 400 meters from the town centre. It dates from the eighteenth century and has all the necessary components for religious services - altar, pulpit, confessional and choir stall - all carved right into the rock. The only statue in this chapel is of la Virgen de La Cuevita, highly revered in the municipality and in the rest of the island.

- Tamadaba Natural Park. A woodland area with a great botanical variety and a great scenic interest. The impressive Tamadaba Pine Forest is the natural area of greatest value in the municipality and of the island. It covers 8 square kilometers and has spectacular views. Visitors can enjoy the views on several walks and tracks from Artenara. Another of the more recommended visits is to the Roque Nublo Rural Park, from where there are spectacular views and where the rural environment can be appreciated in its most natural state.

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