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Geographical Information. Agüimes is placed in the south-east of Gran Canaria. With 76 square kilometres and its cool weather (20 º annual average temperature and scanty rainfalls). Agüimes combines the landscape wealth filled with aboriginal deposits and with traditional architecture with sea environment that prevails on its entire coast. The most significant in Agüimes’s is its orography, with the Ravine of Guayadeque, the Roque Aguayro and Arinaga's volcanic landscape as principal exponents.

History. The aboriginal settling of Agüimes's former territory was intense. It began in the first years of our time and gave origin to a diversity of accessions located along the extensive net of ravines that form the orography of the territory. After his its foundation in 1487, Agüimes was yielded by the Catholic Kings to the Church returning the favour of money with which has contributed the Bishop Don Juan de Frias to the conquest of Great Canary.

Holidays. Between the popular holidays of Agüimes’s the most popular is Ntra’s Holidays. Lady of the Rosario with acts as ' Brought of the Water and the Gofio ', a traditional celebration that attracts hundreds of visitors last Saturday of September, recalling the former habit of taking to the mill this fundamental element of the Canary gastronomy. Other acts are standing out in the “Meeting in the Hull “during that the corners and corners of Agüimes's center fill with folklore and traditional food. In September is celebrated ' The Vará del Pescao ', a magician crossed by the streets of the seaworthy village of Arinaga accompanied of folklore, music and fresh roast sardines.

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