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What to see?

- Parish Church of San Sebastián. Stone building in the style of a cathedral, with a façade which is one of the best examples of Canary Islands neoclassical architecture. It was declared a National Artistic Historic Monument in 1981.

- Agüimes Interpretation Centre. In the plaza de San Antón there is the, which enables visitors to understand the architectural, artistic and historic features of the Historic Centre, the different types of buildings that exist or once existed there, such as the rural houses, the houses of the bourgeoisie, craft workshops, chapels, churches, convents and archaeological sites.

- Guayadeque Ravine. Is the ravine that divides the island. The interesting village of Cueva Bermeja, the San Bartolomé Apóstol Chapel, just as different welcoming and worked en in the rock of the mountain restaurants are located in it. El Barranco de Guayadeque, classified as a Natural Monument and as a Resource of Cultural Interest, has an Interpretation Centre built into the sides of the ravine.

- The petroglyphs of Balos. In el Barranco de Balos, are some of the most important cave drawings in the Canary Islands.

- The Vargas Beach. Which has become consolidated as one of the best beaches in the world for radical windsurfing. Because of this, the annual world championship is held here - the Vargas PWA Wave Classic Grand Prix - attracting the world’s best windsurfers.

- The Cabrón Beach. One of the marine spaces with the greatest richness in biological and ecological terms in the Archipelago of the Canary Islands.


Emphasize the Festivities of Our Lady del Rosario. With events such as la ‘Traída del Agua y del Gofio’, a traditional event which attracts hundreds of visitors on the last Saturday of September in a re-enactment of the former custom of taking this fundamental element of the Canary Islands gastronomy to the mill.

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