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What to see?

- De la Concepción Church. In the historic centre there is the church Iglesia de La Concepción, which replaced the primitive chapel (1515) and gave rise to the first streets and town square of the municipality.

- Chapel and the Triptych of Our Lady of the Snows. Attributed to the sixteenth century Flemish painter Joos Van Cleve.

- Huerto de las Flores (The Flower Garden). The flower garden is actually a botanical garden in the town centre with a large variety of exotic plant species. It was a meeting place and somewhere to meditate for famous poets of the Canary Islands such as Tomás Morales, Saulo Torón and Alonso Quesada.

- The Tamadaba Natural Park is at the highest altitude of Agaete (1180 metres), with the largest pine forest in Gran Canaria.

- Guayedra Beach. It is difficult to get to, has black sand and stones, and is usually windy. Next to the beach of Guayedra are the beaches Playa de Sotavento, Playa de Faneroque and Playa de El Risco, with the same characteristics as Playa de Guayedra.

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