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The terrestrial fauna of the Island is characterised by the absence of big vertebrates and harmful species. Birds and reptiles are the most numerous species of Gran Canaria wildlife. Among the vertebrates we have the Canary Island lizard - endemic of the island and whose abundance is overwhelming-, the Gran Canaria skink, Boettger's Canary wall gecko and Osorio shrew.

Birds have the biggest representation in the Island's wildlife population: specifically, 48 species including the nesting birds of this island, with endemic birds such as great spotted woodpeckers, robins and the blue chaffinch, the latter in the pine forests of Pilancones-Inagua. The canary bird deserves a separate mention due to its symbolic establishment that relates it both to the Canary Islands and to Gran Canaria in particular. The interesting thing about this bird, with a great singing ability, is that it was bred through crossbreeding with other species, thus producing a great variety. Besides, the Island is a resting place for many of the migrating birds. We can point out Cory's shearwater of the birds included in the marine and nesting species

The marine fauna of Gran Canaria is very rich and diversified in species, and this peculiarity is a result of the environmental diversity and the geographical situation of the island. One of the distinct features of the marine settlements of the waters of Gran Canaria is the coexistence of species such as pelagic fish and turtles. The Caretta Caretta species is conspicuously the most common of the family turtles. These species coexist with rays, manta rays, stingrays and angel sharks, swordfishes, big tuna fish or coastal species such as white seabreams, parrot -fishes, goldlines, saddled seabreams, pompanoes, groupers, blacktail combers, john dories or pollacks. Within the mammals that are found in the waters of Gran Canaria are common dolphins, bottlenosed dolphins and whales.

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