Gran Canaria Yes, I am here: Why is Gran Canaria an ideal break?
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Have you ever thought of escaping to an island with great weather?  Gran Canaria boasts mild temperatures all year round.  You don’t need to travel across the world to get to this beautiful, warm and friendly island.  So, why not leave the cold behind for a few days?

If you are looking to escape the daily trudge of everyday life at home for a short while, Gran Canaria has thousands of leisure options open to you. Here you can practise nearly all open air sports at any time of year.

Have you ever thought of learning to dive? Would you like to try surfing? Maybe windsurfing? Don’t rule anything out if you have a few days to yourself in Gran Canaria! Bring out your fun side and try the sport you never thought you would experience.

Away from the sea, the island will surprise you. Gran Canaria is whatever you want it to be.  It plays host to a variety of wonderful beaches, or if you prefer to stay a little further inland, you will also find places of historical interest and natural beauty including large pine woods, exhilarating mountainous areas, and deep gullies. If you travel the island by car, you will observe the diverse landscape which invites you to stop around every corner of the way. You can discover this exciting island in a thousand different ways.  Visit some of its protected natural spaces that have allowed the island to be declared a Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco.

Or, if you just fancy the idea of complete rest, why not try Gran Canaria for a relaxing break?  Perhaps you need to dedicate some quality time only to yourself in one of the many Spa & Wellness centres of the island. The choice is yours!

You may not know it, but Gran Canaria is an intriguing island with a hidden side. A rich historic past, fruit of its role as a port of call in the middle of the Atlantic. If you are interested in the aboriginal societies of the island, you can find important vestiges of its mysterious history. Moreover, you will find important events all year round: From jazz to opera, from classical music to theatre and dance.

And in the capital city, your escapade might finish with a walk through the historic quarter. Walk the alleyways of Vegueta and enjoy its dynamic nights of “tapas” and drinks. In Gran Canaria life is on the street!

Come and discover a miniature continent. The sun is closer than you think!



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