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Three of the most important tourist destinies of the European market (Gran Canaria, Madeira and Azores) have joined efforts, experience and technology to create this new web site, we give a warm welcome.

After an analysis on the new trends of information, communication and marketing that have arisen around the tourist sector; we decide to begin this web site. Internet has brought over demanders and suppliers for the vocation market, adapting the vacations, to the client.

Portaltur offers a site wich goal is to keep their clients, as well as the increase of the quality of service in destiny, which is based fundamentally on a diffusion of a tourist offer.

Analyzing the different phases of the trip, we state the added value of the site by the management of the complete cycle of the trip: before, during and after the trip.

Nowadays, we rely on an important offer of promotion and information of our main destinies that it includes the phase before the trip. The present initiative tries to advance forward in the cycle, offering a web to be informed during the trip. This way, in Portaltur we develop contents tending to present different options of activities during the visit to our islands, and offers recommendations of where to stay, and update information about every destiny and many others products.


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