Who are we?

We are three associates with a common goal: the tourism quality. We promote especially in our portals, our tourism destiny and with PORTALTUR we propose to give a qualitative appearance in Internet, by appearing in a communal digital portal. In it, Gran Canaria, Madeira and Azores create a new and specialize way to give information of the natural wealth and tourist offer, multiplying this way our presence in the net.

Our Row Chief is the Patronage of Tourism of Gran Canaria, the person in charge of the success of this project. Autonomous organism dependent on the Town Council of Gran Canaria, the Patronage foments and coordinates the tourist activity the insular area. Its priority is to keep this island as major tourist destiny and of maximum quality, with open politics of directing, planning and developing needs of the markets. The foreign promotion of Gran Canaria is its priority.

Madeira´s Chamber of Trade and Industry was founded in 1836 with the aim to promote the development of the economic activity of Madeira's autonomous region. ACIF-CCIM is an entity that represents, in its private section, to the big sectors of the Trade and Services, Industry and Tourism of Madeira. In tourism sector, it has been realizing serious efforts to promote and support the archipelago as one of the main tourist destinies.

The Azores Regional Association of Tourism completes the associates of this technological project. The above mentioned institution has as aim to promote the complete archipelago as a rising tourist destiny, and offers concrete information of all the islands.


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