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Having fun

Water parks, theme parks, shopping centres, areas for digital entertainment and internet games, festivals, excursions, a full yearly calendar of cultural events and premises for night time entertainment is only part of what Gran Canaria has to offer for occupying your free time. The range of activities is continuously changing and being renewed in order to remain in step with the fashions and tastes of the local and visiting population. The island is far from isolated and is always alert and open to adopting the latest trends from abroad.

The island's climate plays along once again, it being possible to practise any activity outdoors, to walk through the streets of the business districts without suffering the inclemencies of the weather, to visit the theme parks throughout the year and to have a drink on a terrace or in a disco and just the sky above you.

Gran Canaria is an island of festivities that continue throughout the year. There is not a town, village or country hamlet that does not celebrate its own special event, where nobody feels left out. It is precisely during these festivities when the innate hospitality and friendliness of the people of Gran Canaria become manifest. The festivals of Gran Canaria, regardless of whether they are popular, religious or for a specific occasion, are more than just an occasion for having fun. These festivities also demonstrate the vitality, ambiguity and plurality of the elements and cultures in which the local population has been steeped for many centuries.

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