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Traveling with kids

Gran Canaria has given special thought to family visits, providing a varied range of complementary services for the little ones, including centres that are specially designed for the entertainment of children, where they can enjoy and get in touch with nature.

The island boasts numerous sheltered beaches, where it is safe to swim and where there is an infrastructure for children's games, which can entertain the little ones for many days. There are also many specific centres where the tastes of all age groups can be satisfied, such as water parks, theme parks and fairgrounds, games centres, internet entertainment centres and public parks that have facilities for children.

Most of the hotels and other complexes that offer tourist accommodation provide day-care facilities that are staffed by specialised personnel, as well as specific activities for the entertainment of children, which are guided by activity leaders and where they can make friends, providing you with the assurance that the children will be entertained for the entire duration of your stay in the establishment.

Another advantage for families who travel with children is the large variety of bungalow-type establishments, each having one or two bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen, bathroom and lovely private gardens, where there is enough space for the whole family to enjoy their vacations in comfort, in addition to being able to enjoy all the services of a hotel, in most instances. Nature also forms part of the range of children's leisure services that are on offer in Gran Canaria. Thus, the island has various parks, entertainment centres and centres for the interpretation of nature, which provides an alternative form of entertainment where the children learn at the same time.

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