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Emblematic Environments

In spite of its small surface, Gran Canaria possesses a natural patrimony of extraordinary value. The singularity of its ecosystems, as well as of its flora and fauna, which conserves exclusive species and geology, has stimulated the Canary people, Spanish and international administrations guarantee the conservation of such treasures.

Thanks to it, almost 43 % of the territory of Gran Canaria is protected, which means almost 66.571 hectares. In comparison with national and international ratios, supposes a proportion of protected surface 8,2 times superior to whole Spain (5,1 %) and to that the world (5,2 %). This relation means likewise that there exist almost 1.000 square meters of protected area by every inhabitant of the Island. In this wide natural place it is easy to imagine the number and richness of the unique existing environments in Gran Canaria that offers great excursions to its visitors.

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